Fuyulou, Hongkeng village, Yongding county

A 'Five phoenix building'

The following was written about another five phoenix tulou in Yongding County but fits very well here as well: 
"It lies in symmetry on both sides of the central axis. The lower hall is simply a hallway; the central is the main hall, a place for both worshipping and meeting; and the rear hall measures four storeys in height - a living place for elders, which takes the leading position from the overall composition, while those of junior generations settle themselves in the 'flank rooms' on both sides, with their roofs leaning against the hills and facing forwards, descending layer upon layer. Simple and solemn, harmonious and integral, the entire group of architecture lays out in order, each part of it lying in its proper major or minor position"
(Huang Hanmin, preface in: "Lao fangzi", p. 6, Nanjing, 1994)

Tulou types