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Originally published in Danish in ARKITEKTEN  no. 28, November 2000, pp. 2–9. 
Text and illustrations have been updated for the web edition. (JAA-J, 2003-04).


Ronald G. Knapp, SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus at SUNY New Paltz

Has written a number of invaluable books about Chinese vernaculary architecture
Publications by Don Wagner

Chinese science, technology, history, archaeology, and language

Usefull links for Asian Studies


by Don Wagner
Peabody Essex Museum Nancy Berliner, Curator of Chinese Art, and others is the website for Yin Yu Tang, a 200 year old Anhui merchant’s house exhibited at Peabody Essex Museum
Peabody Essex Museum Nancy Berliner, Curator of Chinese Art, and others
The site for the Herbert Offen Research Collection of books and manuscripts relating to Chinese architecture, gardens and furniture. This is probably the most thorough library collections on this subject. They have books in all languages and many, many rare books, as well as all newly published works.

Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, the University of Melbourne


Dr. Qinghua Guo

A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization


Prepared by Patricia Buckley Ebrey

Olivier Laude and
Ronald G. Knapp:
" Chinese Rural Architecture"

Dr. Heidi Dumreicher, chief executive director


A Sino-European Study on Sustainability

Anne Marshall,

Department of Architecture
University of Idaho
Cultural Institute of the Macao S.A.R. Government

Earthen Houses (Tulou), Fujian Province

A chinese website, Yongding

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