"Clan Homes in Fujian"
by Jens Aaberg-Jorgensen (JAJ), 2003-04


The auther wishes to thank the following people who have helped to complete this article:

First of all: Donald B. Wagner - but also Poul Andersen, John Lagerwey - all three sinologists; Ole Vanggaard, engineer, and JAJ's wife Helle Jorgensen, who is also a sinologist.

Jens Aaberg-Jorgensen is a Danish architect and has been interested in Chinese architecture since 1984 when he spent a year in China studying Chinese at The Beijing Language Institute and travelling almost all over the country.

In 1997 he travelled in Fujian to visit the tulou's, which had attracted his attention for years.

Jens Aaberg-Jorgensen has written articles abourt Chinese architecture in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian journals.